Effect of the Resveratrol Rice DJ526 on Longevity

Md. Saidul Islam 1,y, Yan Yan Jin 1,y, Hea-Jong Chung 1,y, Hyeon-Jin Kim 2, So-Hyeon Baek 3,* and Seong-Tshool Hong 1,*

1 Department of Biomedical Sciences and Institute for Medical Science, Chonbuk National University Medical School, Jeonju, Chonbuk 54907, Korea
2 BDRD Institute, JINIS Biopharmaceuticals Co., Bongdong,Wanju, Jeonbuk 55321, Korea
3 Department ofWell-Being Resources, Sunchon National University, Suncheon, Jeonnam 57922, Korea
* Correspondence: baeksh@scnu.ac.kr (S.-H.B.); seonghong@chonbuk.ac.kr (S.-T.H.); Tel.: +82-61-750-3217 (S.-H.B.); +82-63-270-3105 (S.-T.H.)
y These three authors contribute equally to this paper.

Resveratrol is the best-known chemical for extending the lifespan of various organisms. Extensive recent research has shown that resveratrol can extend the lifespan of single-celled organisms, but its effects on the extension of animal lifespans are marginal. Despite the limited efficacy of pure resveratrol, resveratrol with the endogenous property of the DJ rice in the resveratrol rice DJ526 previously showed profound health benefits. Here, we report that the resveratrol rice DJ526 markedly extended the lifespan of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster by as much as 41.4% compared to that of the control. The resveratrol rice DJ526 also improved age-related symptoms such as locomotive deterioration, body weight gain, eye degeneration and neurodegeneration in D. melanogaster upon aging. This result shows the most significantly improved lifespan in animal experiments to date, meaning that the resveratrol rice DJ526 will assist in the development of a therapeutic agent for longevity or addressing age-related degeneration.

resveratrol; lifespan; the resveratrol rice DJ526; Drosophila (…)